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First post


Welcome to everyone who used to read my postings at, and welcome to everyone who’s reading my blog for the first time! :)

DMGSound is my solo venture (DMG being my initials), so here’s the blog to keep everyone apprised of the goings-on behind the scenes.

Everything is pretty tentative. As I write this, the website itself ( is still in development, as are the first few products.

Still, I like blogging, and maybe I can use the blog to get feedback from all of you out there (and also to drive myself onwards).

Here’s the plan so far… if people can put me straight, that’ll be ace:

Launch for Pro products – workflow tools like EQs, Dynamics; more technical tools for either solving difficult problems, or solving routine problems well, for professionals with a job to do, on a deadline.
Launch for Creative products – things with character that add some fun into the mix. Creative EQs, FX, FSU and Glitch, Synths, stuff that’s fun!

I’m planning to use fairly straightforwards License files, and the site will have a user area, or some way to quickly log in and download all your stuff whenever you need it. Everything needs to be oriented towards making life better for legitimate users – that’s what you pay for, after all! :)

In terms of payment, I’m thinking I can add Google Checkout and Paypal, and that should serve everyone reasonably well, yes?
As I understand it, that allows you to use a credit card without having to register or anything, and the margins aren’t painful for me. ;)

Products on the drawingboard +right now+:
Linear Phase EQ with a twist… I’ll post screenshots when I’m ready… ;)
New pro comp; expanding on the ideas behind TBK3, giving a LOT more control and feedback.

I’m working on making the UIs look reasonable. It’s still in the balance whether I’ll inflict my raytracing on you, or just break and get a graphic designer in… ;)

…and then there’s the site…



P.S, I’m twittering away at:

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