Random thing – Guidgen for OSX


If you’re like me, and often find yourself needing to generate GUIDs for windows things, while you’re running OSX, and visiting guidgen.com seems a bit of a stretch (yeah, I hear you think to yourself, that happens ALL the time), you’d find an OSX port of guidgen REALLY USEFUL.

Well, here it is.Guidgen OSX screenshot

This is part of my ongoing experiments in learning cocoa. Lots of fun. I like. And yes, it zips to 24k. That’s not a mistake. Yay!

For those of you who would like to know what this is all about, but can’t be bothered to google:
It’s an application for generating unique, specially formatted long numbers, that us coders need from time to time, on Windows.
There’s a Windows version, a website, and I just made the mac version, which is, by any argument, the least useful version…
… to anyone except me.

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