About me…

My name is Dave Gamble, and I’ve been around the industry for a little while now, worked on a few things, met some amazing people. To give you an idea, here’s a rough list of salient projects I’ve been involved in over the last few years:

Focusrite Forte Suite
Focusrite Liquid Channel (poked the EQ + Comps, Windows USB driver & code)
Focusrite-Digidesign Command|8 (Win MIDI driver, some firmware, etc)
Focusrite PAL (Plugin Abstraction Layer, used for rapid development)
Focusrite Saffire Plugins (eq+comp)
Focusrite Saffire Range (control panels / DSP firmware / some design)
Novation OSX USB-MIDI drivers (under the tutelage of Nick Dowell)

TBK (distributed by Sonalksis)
TBK2 (distributed by Sonalksis)
Sonalksis FreeG
Sonalksis Essentials Mk2
Yohng W1 Mac/VST+AU
Sonalksis TBK3
Sonalksis FX for Toontrak Superior 2.0
Sonalksis Mastering Suite
Novation Automap (made some tea, and occasionally coffee for Dave Hodder)
Focusrite Liquid 4Pre Control plugin
Neyrinck (Paul is a great friend of mine. I occasionally do leg-work for him.)
TAC/Neyrinck VMon (TDM)
Neyrinck Dolby-E AU (some help)
Neyrinck SoundCode Stereo LtRt TDM
StudioDevil VGA Mac/AU/RTAS ports
StudioDevil (Generally trying to be useful to the legendary Marc Gallo)
StudioDevil BVC/VBA Mac/AU/RTAS ports
FXpansion (for freelance whiskey tasting and brandy advocacy)
TAC RevCon-RR (wrote the plugin from existing DSP)
Brainworx bx-solo, bx-control, bx-hybrid TDM version
SPL Analog Code TDM Versions (doing my best to help Michael Massburg)